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It all starts with amazing people. 

(Good hardware doesn’t hurt, either.)

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Web Hosting Done Right.

The Gage Team specializes in building custom premium websites. But we also provide a comprehensive suite of website hosting services. We constantly work behind the scenes managing infrastructure, backups, security, and thwarting hackers so you can stop worrying about your website and focus on running your business. 

We Are The Cloud

With the help of the Sandhills Cloud, The Gage Team offers safe, secure cloud hosting and redundant backups for all of our clients. Our secure data center provides total peace of mind; in the unlikely event of a system failure, your site—and all the traffic to your site—move seamlessly to a new server, minimizing downtime and maximizing your site’s effectiveness, all without sacrificing security, access, or control.
Sandhills Cloud Web Hosting.


When you make The Gage Team part of your team, you can leave the technical stuff to us. In addition to redundant backups, we handle security, including DNS (domain name system), firewalls, SSL certificates, and more. We also provide and maintain the necessary infrastructure: servers, storage systems, and networking equipment, as well as the maintenance, updating, and upgrading needed to keep it all in fighting shape. If you have any questions about your website, including help with a specific tool or service, we have tech support specialists on deck waiting to answer them.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted websites are just the beginning! The Gage Team also offers premium email services for only $1 per week, per mailbox. By taking advantage of this service, you’ll have 52 GB of storage to work with, advanced security capabilities, stringent spam filters, and data backup, so you never lose any important email exchanges. 

Sandhills Hosted Email Exchange servers from The Gage Team
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